Excursion to Tiscali

It is a small karst relief in the heart of the Dorgalese Supramonte, on the top of it a Dolina was formed, due to the collapse of the vault of an ancient cave.
In the most protected corners of the Dolina, a village was built in the nuragical era, inhabited with discontinuity until the first Roman frequents of the island (III – II B.C.) of which today you can locate the ruins. The village built under the walls of the dolina remains hidden from the eyes of visitors until you reach its interior.

The site can be reached from Dorgali, in Land Rover, across the Lanaittu Valley. Once you reach the foot of the mountain you will leave the 4WD to continue on foot, on an interesting scenic path, until you reach the archaeological area. Once you have visited the settlement and made a stop to have lunch packed you resume the path back to the 4WD.