Excursion to Gorroppu Gorge

Gorroppu is a huge gorge originating from a tectonic uprising and later eroded by the weather and the waters of the river with walls more than 400 meters high.

The hike starts from Dorgali and then crosses the Oddoene valley. After passing a small ford on the Rio Flumineddu, start the dirt path of about 6 km, which will all be covered in SUV, in a path sometimes among a rather dense vegetation that allows you to get close to the gorge.

The entrance of the gorge is reached after a downhill path of about half an hour; inside Gorropu, the hike proceeds in the abandoned riverbed of the river, which today continues to flow under the ground re-emerging only at times and in the spring at the entrance of the gorge where, on the return from the walk, a snack is consumed with a sack based on local products.

The route increases in difficulty only in the final part of the gorge, once past the point where the walls reach the highest difference; This allows you to easily visit the most interesting and spectacular part of the Canyon.

The walk ends after 40-45 minutes of ascent, necessary to reach the off-road again.