Asinara National Park

The Asinara National park is a protected natural area located in the region of Sassari and the Asinara Island represents the main territory. Disembarked on the Island you will sit in a nice and cozy tourist train that will accompany you throughout the day to admire the beauty of the Park with the guides of the island. During the long journey from Fornelli to Cala D’Oliva, the north end, you will immerse yoursekf in the most pristine nature, where you can meet the famous white donkey, wild boars, horses, wild goats and if lucky the muflons. Then you will admire the sites of major historical-naturalistic interest: the viewpoint of Cala Sant’Andrea, the Ornithological Center of Tumbarino, Punta Sa Nave where the “centaura horrida” (endemic species of the Island of Asinara and Sardinia) grows, the Austro-Hungarian Ossuary, the branch of Cala Reale, the museum of the sea, the small village of Cala d’Oliva . You will visit the prison branch and the woodwork exhibition of the island’s sculptur. You can dive for a few hours in the crystal waters of the Ossuary beach.